Prayer service for Harvey victims

It’s a community wide prayer service for the victims of Hurricane Harvey and recovery put on by the Gulfport Ecumenical Fellowship.
News 25’s Taylor Rubach attended the prayer service and has more on the community’s outpour of support.
Songs of prayer filled the room for victims of Hurricane Harvey. Members of the Gulf Coast community like Terri Marshall came together in remembrance of a tragedy and to support our neighbors in Texas. “I’m glad we were able to come altogether like we said, a diverse community of different churches of different people to come together and just to unite for one purpose and that’s to help.”
The community wide prayer service was also a send-off for Gulfport officials making the trip to Rockport, Texas. Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes said, “There’s folks in need. We’re going to have an outreach for the people that were so good to us because we saw the worst of nature, but the best of humanity.”
Twelve years ago when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, help was there when we needed it most and now community members say it’s the least they can do. “It was an awesome thing to see so many people from different places, different cities, different towns, and states to come together and just help out, they didn’t have to, but they felt in their heart they can, I guess, sympathize or empathize with us and so in return we can empathize and sympathize with Texas, knowing what they’re going through because we already been through it and we know what we can do to help and how to help them,” said Marshall.
Very Reverend Stephen Kidd said, “That you’re not alone, that we remember what it was like and that our story has been one of resurrection and yours can be, too. To begin to tell them what it looks like to be ten years on from crisis like this and to see that though today may be dark, the days ahead can be bright.”

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