Prayer Rally for First Responders

It was a night of prayer and unity in Wiggins tonight.
City officials, first responders, pastors and hundreds of residents gathered on the Blaylock Park lawn to pray for first responders and for the families of the two men recently killed by police officers.
Organizer and First Baptist Church of Wiggins Pastor Robby Rikard Says there’s never been a more important time than now to come together. He invited different religious denominations and different races to step outside of their comfort zone, join hands and pray. “Just following the events of last week, I know my heart was wrenched after that and I think what we see in all these folks out here, they feel the same way. It’s not about black lives matter or blue lives matter, it’s not even about all lives matter, it’s about our community coming together and being one family and one people.”
Rikard says the world doesn’t need another movement, but instead it needs people to come together.

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