Practice Firework Safety This Holiday Weekend

Many people will celebrate the Fourth by lighting up the skies, but don’t forget the danger that comes with it.
Fire departments want to remind people every year 10,000 people are injured by fireworks and half of those injuries occur around the July Fourth holiday.
Gulfport Fire Chief Mike Beyerstedt tells News 25 it’s important to make sure fireworks are being used under adult supervision and warns illegal fireworks are always dangerous. He also wants to remind folks to be careful even with those that you think may be harmless.
“Be careful even with things you think might be safe, like sparklers, because sparklers are actually the leading cause of firework injuries in America. And that’s because they’re over 1200 degrees ,those little wires are when they’re burning and you often have little kids playing with them,” said Chief Beyerstedt.
Fireworks will go off at Jones Park tomorrow night, where there will be a buffer zone east of the park. No fireworks will be allowed to be shot off there, so families can have a safe place to watch the city’s fireworks.

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