Power restored at Bluff Creek Campground

Residents at the Bluff Creek Campground in Vancleave went seven days without power because their landlord owed more than $15,000 to the electric company. As of today, that has been resolved.

It was a grim feeling Tuesday at Bluff Creek Campground as residents were on Day Six without electricity, but now things are looking up as power has finally been restored. Resident Andrea Rollin said, “I’m just, I don’t know what to say. I’m so excited and the park is looking great. Everyone is getting happy again, but we’re still exhausted. It’s awesome. This is awesome.”

Following our story here on WXXV, power was effectively restored the following day by the old owner, Jimmy Hiers. “They are awesome people. Mr. Jimmy and Mrs. Patricia Hiers, thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t help it, I’m so happy.”

While residents battled the heat, so did their food. Most residents lost all the items in their refrigerators, which may take some time to replace. “It’ll take us a minute to get back on our feet as far as groceries and stuff. We’re going to be tight the next month.”

While it was a tough time for residents, locals made sure to help out. Pizza Hut and other local restaurants donated food Tuesday night shortly after our story aired.

News 25 had the chance to speak to Mr. Jimmy Hiers. He did not want to go on camera, but he still had a lot to say.

Mr. Hiers owned the property for 27 years and as of late he has been leasing it. Because he has been leasing it, he did not have the legal authority to get the power back on. Mr. Hiers visited a Pascagoula lawyer on Monday and went back and forth with her for about two days. On Wednesday, he got everything settled and regaining ownership. Once he regained ownership, Mr. Hiers went to Singing River Electric to get the lights turned on.

As for the landlord, residents say they’ve seen him packing his bags.

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