Power Ranger visits Three Alarm Comics

Local Power Ranger fans were in for a treat as Three Alarm Comics had a super visit.

If you’ve turned on a TV in the 90s you’ve probably heard that iconic theme song from the Power Rangers. If you were in the parking lot of Three Alarm Comics this past Saturday, you probably heard it again as fans of the hit show were waiting to meet actor Jason David Frank, who played Tommy Oliver, the legendary Green Ranger.

He’s traveling to comic book shops across the nation to help out business during the pandemic. “For me, I’d love to just disappear into the comic world and not see what’s going on in the outside, but maybe I can continue to be a hero in here and change people’s lives.”

He’s been doing this for the past year and has given comic shops $170,000 in signed merchandise as well as $30,000 of his earnings. Local fans Justin Smith and Ellington Smith were at the event. “It’s great that it helps the small local businesses out. It’s also great for the local fans, too.”

Many local fans were families that had bonded over their love for Power Rangers. “I grew up watching it as it happens. I remember watching the day the episodes came out. So, now we sit back and watch it as much as we can and we apparently practicing fighting as much as we can.”

Fans were delighted to have a meet and greet, especially considering the numerous comic book conventions that have been canceled due to COVID. Fan Heather Madison said, “I normally go to the Pensacon, but it didn’t happen. I love Three Alarm Comics. So, I came here to support my friends. I love this type of stuff. It’s my passion.”

They didn’t leave disappointed. “He’s so sweet. He’s such a nice guy.”

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