Potential tornado damage in Ocean Springs

Residents of Gulf Park Estates in Ocean Springs continue to clean up after storms moved through their neighborhood late this morning.
Dozens of homeowners in Gulf Park Estates came home to trees down, shingles off rooftops, and damaged fences. Some residents on 6th Street off of Beachview Drive tell News 25 they heard the storm coming. Resident Lewis Mimis said, “Well, I was standing on the outside watching the ditch fill up with water and I heard a loud clap of lightning and thunder come across and I closed the door and went back into the bathroom.”
The winds were so strong they drove a piece of wood into a backdoor. It also launched a piece of wood and drove it into the ground. A trampoline was also bounced on top of a roof. Resident Tammy Habeck said her trampoline landed two blocks away. “I got a phone call at work and I rushed home to something I thought was going to be worse than what it was, but it actually really wasn’t that bad. I am very thankful that my house is still in one piece, my animals are okay, my windows are not broken.”
Damage was reported in the area of Beachview Drive, Clamshell Avenue, and Pointe Aux Chenes Road. “We are safe. My neighbors are safe. No one got hurt, so everything is good,” said Habeck.

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