Post-Zeta destruction at Beachwalk Condo in Long Beach

As the sun arrived this morning, Hurricane Zeta’s destruction is exposed.

News 25’s Lorraine Weiskopf spoke with a group of residents that rode out the hurricane.

Many residents at Beachwalk Condos woke up this morning to devastation caused by Hurricane Zeta. Dan Helton and his wife Beth Freeman stayed during the hurricane. “I don’t know what the storm surge was like at the other part, but it had to be ten feet at least.”

They had about six feet of water in their condo, waking up early to start the cleaning process. “I stayed through Katrina and this was about the same for me for what I went through.”

Marleen Naquin rode out Zeta in her condo as well. She’s from Louisiana and is no stranger to storms. “At some times you could here the wind coming around. It felt like I was in a washer machine. I wasn’t scared for my life, well maybe for a few minutes. I keep thinking we’ve rebuilt and we’ve already done so much for the community here in Long Beach.”

Many of the residents experienced hurricanes before and are determined to rebuild. “We’re going to clean up and the view is beautiful this morning just like it has been the past five years. We’ve been here. We’re just going to put it back together and keep going.”

Boardwalk Condo residents could be seen early Thursday morning starting the cleanup process.

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