Post-storm damage at Long Beach Harbor

The City of Long Beach was one of the hardest hit areas in Harrison County during Cristobal. The Long Beach Harbor took some significant damage.

It’s been a hectic weekend at the Long Beach Harbor, just ask Harbor Master William Angley how many hours of sleep he’s had these past three days. “Ugh, probably seven total.”

Angley and his team have been constantly maintaining the harbor, checking on boats, securing lost items, and making sure the water doesn’t back up into the city. The harbor did suffer damages following Tropical Storm Cristobal.  “All of the piers, Jim Simpson, Hancock, and Stringer Pier all have damages to the hand railing, deck, electrical systems included.”

Those items were all new. They were repaired after Hurricane Nate destroyed them.

This storm even took Gulf Coast resident Don Duchene by surprise. “Normally, I move. I just didn’t expect this one to be that bad and I don’t think anyone else did. That’s what gets you in trouble. I normally move to my hurricane hole.”

“Anytime there is a named storm on the news it needs to be taken seriously. You don’t need to go out and about. Everyone needs to be safe.”

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