Post-Christmas Toy Safety

With another Christmas under his belt, Santa is back at the North Pole. What about all those toys he left under the tree? News 25’s Hank Davis gives us a closer look at the increased risk of toy related injury in the days after Christmas.
According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, emergency rooms treated nearly 252,000 toy related injuries in America in 2015. With your children opening up that brand new toy that’s been sitting under the Christmas tree, now is the time to exercise extreme caution. Children under the age of five are involved in an estimated 34 percent of those toy related injuries. Nurse Practitioner Kimaka Bowens said, “For children that are playing with brand new toys, one thing that parents really look for is toys that have removable pieces, small pieces, because kids that are in that stage, that are in the oral stage, they’re going to straight for the mouth.”
Another big component of toy related injuries is failing to provide safety gear with riding toys. This can create traffic accidents and often result in frequent falls. “Your issue is going to be falling for bicycles, any riding toy. Parents should make sure to get all of the safety equipment that goes with any of those toys like a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, to prevent injury,” said Bowens.
Experts say to keep a close eye on kids as they test out those new toys in the days after Christmas. To check out an updated list of recalled toys as well other items visit

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