Possible zoning map change near planned RV park

An RV park is waiting for the final go-ahead to start plans for construction in a Long Beach neighborhood. Now, the residents living in the neighborhood where the RV park is planned to go are concerned more commercial business will follow.

Construction on a new RV park is steps away from approval now that a recent resolution got the go-ahead from Long Beach City Hall. Residents living in the neighborhood where the park is planned to go up fear the move has paved the way for more commercial business to spur. Long Beach resident Karen Livengood said, “They approved the rezoning for the RV park and now they’ve got this coming through and it looks like a done deal.”

Livengood and other residents who live south of the railroad tracks on Markham Drive received a public notice stating the City of Long Beach is considering a zoning map change. Planning commission officials say the purpose of the proposed change is to promote “uniformed development” in the area. “We’re a bedroom community and I think we need to stay that way. I think the city needs to back up and think of other businesses that can stay in the city.”

Long Beach resident David Reed is also against the possible zoning change. “Even though we live in a residential neighborhood with R1 zoning, that C2 zoning can take precedent. So, any lot or any parcel used south of the tracks could be used for commercial purposes.”

Residents are concerned about the influx of traffic commercial business could bring to their neighborhood. “Suddenly we may have apartments, we may have high density, anything allowed in commercial beachfront category could go into these lots,” said Reed.

According to a notice, a public hearing addressing the matter will take place at 5:30 p.m. Thursday night at Long Beach City Hall. Residents who plan on attending say they hope others will join them in taking a stand to protect their neighborhood. “It puts a lot of power in the hands of the planning and zoning commission and I think the power should reside with the people and not with an appointed board.”

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