Possibility of hurricane causing cruisers to leave

The possibility of a hurricane hitting the Gulf Coast is causing many cruisers to change their plans. Strong winds and heavy rain expected in the forecast have visitors from out of town packing up early.
Cruisin’ the Coast is still in full throttle, but the Gulf Coast is in Nate’s path and that could cause a road block. Vendors at the Cruisin’ the Coast Swap Meet in Biloxi were already packing up to leave Friday night, the expected weather has visitors from out of town leaving early, too. “I’m here until Sunday, but I just went through a hurricane back in Beaumont, Texas last month. We went through Harvey.”
Residents from Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico are still recovering from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, cruisers that have already been hit by a major storm tell News 25 they plan to evacuate. “I drive a 2017 Grand Sport vet, it don’t ride good in the rain.”
Florida Resident Dan Brust has a prime spot for Cruisin’ along Highway 90, right by the beach. Brust has come to Cruisin’ for nearly 20 years and this year, Nate may cut his stay short. “I’ll pack up if it’s raining because it’s no fun if it’s a hundred percent chance of rain.”
Some cruisers say they’re planning to stick around. Cruiser Dean Bourgerus said, “We’re planning on staying here, right here in Gulfport, Mississippi. We’re used to storms. Louisiana is always getting hit.”
Some Cruisers, like Ann White from Rockwall, Texas, are undecided. “Who knows? It may not show up. It may be a lot lighter than it’s predicted to be.”
Although the exact path of the storm is still unclear, residents living in Louisiana to Florida could be at risk including the Coast and all those staying for Cruisin’. “If it gets real serious, then yeah, we’ll pack up, but otherwise we’re going to stay as long as we can,” said White.

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