Port of Gulfport Tour

Grab your cameras and get ready to learn all about the port because the Port of Gulfport held its quarterly tour this afternoon.
With their biggest crowd yet, staff at the Port of Gulfport took more than 185 visitors on a tour to show off the progress the port has made over the years. “We’ve watched the port as it started out and we’re just interested in what it looks like now,” said visitor Delanie Perry.
The port holds these tours four times a year. This was the first time they’ve held it on a weekday. This quarter’s tour attracted a record crowd. “We wanted to do something a little bit different, show the port in a little bit different light. So we wanted to do it in the afternoon, early evening. It also gives those people that are already downtown, maybe coming out of work or getting ready to go out and enjoy some of the festivities in Gulfport and give them the opportunity to get down here,” said Executive Director Jonathan Daniels.
Michigan resident Vicky Gardner comes regularly to the Coast to escape the brutal winters of the north. This year, she took a tour of the port for the first time. “You see the structures out there and then when you’re driving by but to actually get out there and look and see how large they are once you get out there, it’s very impressive.”
Locals were also impressed to learn how much the port offers the Gulf Coast economy with major shopping, numerous jobs and continued growth. They’re looking forward to what other opportunities the port will bring to the area. “I was very impressed. From the highway you couldn’t really tell what was going on, so it was very impressive to see the work that they are actually doing,” said visitor Lorna McElroy.
For more information about the port, you can visit www.shipmspa.com.

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