Popp’s Ferry Road Construction

If you live near the intersection of Popp’s Ferry Road and Cedar Lake Road, you may have had to take a detour to get home.
That’s because construction crews have started sewer line work. It began at 8 this morning and will last until Friday afternoon. This is the first step towards widening Popp’s Ferry Road; a project that Biloxi Affairs Manager Vincent Creel says has been in the works for over a decade.
The project is now 80 percent funded by federal money and those who live in the area look forward to the road widening to be complete. David Smith, who lives off Popp’s Ferry, said, “The convenience of just going and turning and make that two minute jaunt is going to turn probably now into a ten or fifteen minute jaunt, having to go back all the way to the school and coming back up.” Lon Manteufel said “The road does need repair, there’s no doubt about that and widening is going to be a good thing and people just have to have a little patience and live with it.”
The widening of Popp’s Ferry Road is expected to be complete next summer. There will be at least three more road closings for sewer work within the year.

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