Popp’s Ferry Elementary celebrates kindergartners with drive-thru graduation

Not even the sun, heat, and humidity could burn off the enthusiasm running rampant at Popp’s Ferry Elementary School today.

A picture-perfect moment for Sydni Bastel and her son, Major Cruz, as they and others celebrated a milestone for these Popp’s Ferry Elementary School students: Kindergarten graduation. “He really loves it. He loves the bubbles and the balloons. They did a really good job, especially since the pandemic.”

It was a colorful scene with bubbles, rainbow confetti, and plenty of smiles to go around at this rolling celebration at the Biloxi school, honoring social distancing guidelines.

The months of separation have been difficult for students and their teachers. Just ask Meagan Boatner, who had a hard time curbing her enthusiasm on the sidelines as her students rolled by. “It was so great. I was ringing my cowbell, jumping up and down. I didn’t really think I would miss them as much as I did, but it was emotional. I was like ya’ll better come back and see me.”

This has not only been a celebration for students, but also their parents as these past few months have been a taste of what it’s like to be their own child’s teachers. Parent Grace King said, “We’ve been doing distance learning from home. I have three kids and all I can say is I really appreciate our teachers.”

Sydni Bastel agrees. “I am not a teacher. My baby does not listen to me when it comes to school work. All I can say is I have mad respect for all of our teachers.”

While Bastel doesn’t think she excels at teaching, she sure proved to be handy with the camera as she and other parents and teachers captured a happy day and mutual love between these students and teachers at Popp’s Ferry Elementary School.

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