Police urge caution after pedestrian deaths along the Coast

Police are urging pedestrians and motorists to use caution when traveling roadways after a string of deadly accidents along the Coast.

A man from out of state was killed this week on Highway 90 in Gautier near Beasley Road. An initial investigation found that the driver was not at fault.

The area in question, across the road from Bond Trucking, has poor lighting at night.

In July, a Brookhaven woman died on Highway 90 in Biloxi after being hit by a car. Two cyclists were hit and killed in Gautier in two separate incidents earlier this year.

Police advise an abundance of caution to pedestrians, especially those walking along state highways. Gautier Police Captain David Bever said, “One thing to do is if you’re walking in a dark area, is not to wear dark clothing, something that contrasts so people can see you. And also keep in mind that cars are traveling faster than what they appear to be at night, and where you think you might have the distance, you probably don’t, so you might want to give yourself extra distance while crossing the street and what not.”

Police ask that motorists slow down at pedestrian crossings and stay alert in dark areas.

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