Police Identify Man Killed By Train

A man killed by a train over the weekend in Pascagoula has been identified. 31 year old William Jeffery Brandenburg was sitting on the train tracks off hospital road in Pascagoula when the conductor began to ring the siren and hit the emergency brakes, but wasn’t able to stop in time. Pascagoula police say Brandenburg was pronounced dead on the scene. A witness also tells News 25 they saw Brandenburg talking on his cellphone while sitting on the tracks before the accident occurred. Lieutenant Doug Adams said to News 25, "People should not walk on the railroad tracks should not cross the railroad tracks you cannot stop a train 120 something car train just, by slamming on brakes it takes almost a mile to stop that trail so unfortunately he’s not going to be able to stop and the person is not going to win." This incident is still under investigation.

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