Police Explorers Academy Allows Participants a Look into Law Enforcement

Traffic stops, bomb response and domestic crisis intervention: all things police cadet explorers learned about today at the 27th Annual Southeastern Law Enforcement Explorer Academy.
Kids from Arlington, Texas to Santa Rosa, Florida were in Biloxi today to experience the 7 day program.
Shots fired, a stolen gun, multiple suspects: it’s all part of the simulated crime scene investigation these teenagers handled in Biloxi today, under the guidance of actual police officers. “Today, we had three suspects we found,” said Nevaeh Payne, cadet explorer from Biloxi High, “We had a crime scene shooting going on, and we had a principal that was dead.”
Sergeant Thomas Goldsworthy, Biloxi Police Department, said, “So, what we’re trying to do is let them experience if they are interested in law enforcement, let them get a taste of it. If they just want to see what the program is all about, let them get a taste of that. It’s an opportunity to learn what we are.”
It’s all part of a 7 day program put on by multiple law enforcement agencies that let students get hands on experience with arrest and search, traffic accident investigation, lifting fingerprints and more.
Sergeant Scott Vickers with the Arlington Police Department remembers his time going through the Explorer Academy in 1996: “I just kind of learned how to push myself and gained necessary motivation to make it through the academy, and because of that I wanted to be able to give back over here and have that opportunity to motivate other kids and to help them make it through, and just help them realize that they’re so much more capable of doing things they think they can’t.”
For more information on the Southeastern Law Enforcement Explorer Academy, call your local law enforcement agency or visit www.sleea.org.

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