Police Appreciation Breakfast at Long Beach High School

Today the Long Beach Police Department got to sit down and enjoy a nice home cooked brunch thanks to a group of students at Long Beach High School.
The Teachers Academy at Long Beach High School gives real life hands on experience to students interested in becoming a teacher someday. Each year, as part of the service learning aspect of the class, students work together to come up with different community service projects to do throughout the year. Today they invited local law enforcement to come and enjoy brunch and tour the school.
Sophomore Nicole Bolden said, “We then decided to include the police officers in our service project because they’ve been under a lot of scrutiny in the media lately. They really deserve a nice breakfast and everything since they help us every day. “
Chief of Police Wayne McDowell said, “It means a lot to us, you know, the kids here in Long Beach choosing the police department to appreciate. What we’re seeing is more of the community reaching out to us and it feels good.”
Other service project ideas the Teachers Academy has for the future include bringing teddy bears to patients at Memorial Hospital and delivering baskets to residents at Dixie White House.

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