“Pokémon Go” is a go Again

After the unexpected success of their first “Pokémon Go” event, Beauvoir is holding another one tonight.
Two weeks ago, Beauvoir hosted an event on their grounds, setting up Pokémon lures, stops and a gym to get children and families out. They ended seeing nearly 1,500 people come through their gates. Tonight, they’ll be doing the same thing. The only difference is the price will be $4.
Beauvoir raised the price not for them, but because a portion of the proceeds will go toward “Making Strides against Breast Cancer.” AMVETS will be on site selling food and Bayou View Middle will be on site selling drinks. Beauvoir Tours, Programs and Events Coordinator Kitsaa Stevens said, “Anything we can do to support our community, breast cancer, veterans and our local schools. You know, our local schools need a lot of help because the budgets aren’t very well. Sometimes I think our veterans get kind of the short end. So the AMVETS raise money for the children.”
Third Rock Energy Solution is also providing lighting so “Pokémon Go” players will be able to see well on into the night.

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