Planting day at Sawmill Landing Park in Moss Point

This Saturday you are invited to join the Rotary Club of Moss Point and the City of Moss Point as they begin the process of establishing the city’s newest park.

Volunteers will be working to complete the development of the Sawmill Landing Park by planting trees across what’s designed to be a nature-based green space.

Participants will learn about the physical element of the park as well as gain first-hand experience about the proper way to plant trees.

The park will celebrate the natural and cultural history of Moss Point as an important early Gulf Coast shipbuilding and wood products port that served the globe. Rotary Club of Moss Point President Mark W. Lasalle said, “It happens to sit on an historic site that dates back to the mid-1800s, late-1800s where a lot of the cultural history developed and helped support the ship building and the timb industry here. So, it’s a nature-based park, but we are also planting a lot of the plants, trees particularly that were associated with that history, long leaf pine, Atlantic, white cedar, those were the trees that were milled here and turned into ships and turned into lumber that was brought all over the country, all over the world.”

Local historians will be on hand to share details. The planting day at Sawmill Landing Park on Dantzler Street is this Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon.

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