Plane makes emergency landing at Gulfport

It was a scary day for the nearly 100 passengers aboard a plane that had to make an emergency landing in Gulfport Sunday morning. After receiving a call about a Delta plane that reported loss of control, emergency responders and authorities responded to the Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport. Airport officials tell News 25 Delta flight 2312 was coming from Atlanta, when it had some emergency maintenance problems while in the air, but was able to land safely without hurting any of the flight’s 98 passengers. News 25 asked a few fliers what they would do if they were in a similar situation. Traveler Timbo Smith said, “Make you feel kind of edgy, but just make sure your seat belt is fastened and just hope you make it.” Traveler Nik Provost said, “It would probably be a little frightening. Try to be calm, that’s the best thing you can do in a situation like that. Everything’s in control of the pilots and how it’s going to go so i guess just stay calm. I would try to calm everyone down if I could.”
Harrison county authorities say the call came through at about 9:30 Sunday morning.

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