Plane crashes in Jackson County

This morning, an ultralight aircraft crashed into the back yard of a home on Marguerite Drive in the Gulf Park Estates area.
The pilot, James Hitterman, took off from Ocean Springs Airport to test the single seat plane and was in the air for about 15 minutes when he lost power. He made an emergency landing and crashed into a fence. The man was not injured in this crash and the only damage was done to the plane and a portion of the fence.
Howard Mitchel was standing in his garage when the plane fell from the sky. “It was like the sound of a tree falling and I was talking to my insurance company for my car. I heard that and I was just finishing up with the insurance company and walked over and looked at the corner of my fence and I see this plane there.”
Mitchel tells News 25 the man walked away from the plane and he was happy that the only damage was to the fence and no one was hurt.

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