Plane Crash Update

It’s been one week since the plane carrying three businessmen took off from the Gulfport airport and went missing somewhere over Jackson County. Today there is still no word on what happened to those passengers.
The Department of Marine Resources transitioned from search and rescue to recovery mode on Thursday night.
Two boats are still patrolling the area near Belle Fontaine Beach in Ocean Springs and a number of locals are also on the lookout.
Melissa Scallan with DMR said, “I think it’s what we do, we jump in and help even when we don’t know people. We jump in and help and do whatever we can. I think it’s great. I’m not surprised that it happened. I think people think about if this happened to my family, and I would want others to help. I think if they have the resources and boats and different things that they’re definitely going to help.”
Extra crews from the DMR and Coast Guard are on standby if any new debris is found in the water.

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