Placing purple ribbons on police cars for Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

It’s a time for all of us to speak up about domestic violence, raise awareness, and support survivors.

The Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence, which helps victims of domestic violence in our area, is calling attention to this devastating, but common issue.

Today, they tied purple ribbon to police cars and motorcycles at the Pascagoula and Gautier Police Departments.

The gesture was to simply let the public know that they and law enforcement agencies are working together to help victims. Program Manager Stephanie Piper said, “I know that people are aware, but we want also for people to understand that law enforcement is aware of domestic violence and it is the most dangerous crime that an officer can respond to. We want to show people that domestic violence is real, not only in the civilian world, but the domestic violence is real in law enforcement as well.”

Pascagoula Deputy Chief Joe Cunningham said, “Domestic violence is one of our most prevailing calls that we respond to. It’s something that is very ugly, not only for the people involved, but the officers that have to respond to it.”

The Gulf Coast Center for Nonviolence provides services 24/7 at no charge to victims that live in the six coastal counties.

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