Pizza vs. Burgers Election

Even though they’re a few years shy of being old enough to vote, students at Nativity BVM Elementary in Biloxi also cast ballots today.
Nativity BVM Elementary students exercised their right to vote in a cut throat election to determine which is better: pizza or burgers. The two student campaign managers rallied hard to sway voters to vote for the food they represented through an oral argument minutes before the voting began. Pizza Representative Drew Moore said, “It’s a triangle. Everybody loves triangles. You can buy them faster than burgers.” Burger Representative Colin Cloud said, “They’re healthier. They have more protein and they have less grease. They’re fast food and you can eat them with one hand if you’re on the road.”
The two candidates have been campaigning for weeks, hanging up posters, trying to spread the word of which food they think is better. It all comes down to Election Day, where each student comes and casts their vote. Brandon Cloud, the father of the burger representative, said, “We want them to learn to get out and vote and to let people know that this is your opinion and not just to sit back and let things go how they go. Take an active role in the community and trying to develop leadership skills.”
This is the third year the Nativity Elementary Pack 213 Cub Scouts have led a school-wide election. Last year, it was cats versus dogs. The pooches won 5 votes to 1.
In the true American spirit, each vote counted as the students walked through the voting process, a warm-up exercise for the important decisions they will help make in years to come.
The results are in: pizza won with a little over 60 percent of the vote. The final tally was 98 to 63.

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