Pineville Road sidewalk project complete in Long Beach

This morning, Long Beach city officials cut the ribbon on the Pineville Road sidewalk project.

This project was funded by MDOT Federal Highway Administration and Gulf Regional Planning Commission and made improvements along Pineville Road beginning at the intersection of Beatline Road and ending at Harper McCaughan School.

Crosswalks are now marked with pavement markings and a flashing sign was installed to warn drivers of pedestrians crossing the street.

The City of Long Beach has been working on this project since 2015. Long Beach Mayor George Bass said, “The families that are out walking with their children and in some cases they are forced to get out and walk with their children and to get them off this busy street and to have them on a sidewalk. The bike riders are using it, too. The joggers are out using it. It’s going from one neighborhood to the next.”

The sidewalk is now 1.3 miles along Pineville Road in Long Beach.

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