Pilot project adds trash can lids to protect birds, keep beach clean

Next time you drive by the Courthouse Road Pier, you may notice some new, bright trash cans.

Audubon has partnered with Harrison County Sand Beach Authority to begin a pilot study project by installing these bright red lids on trash receptacles.

Audubon hopes the eye-catching lids will encourage beach-goers to deposit garbage in the new trash cans while simultaneously adding a layer of protection for the beach-nesting birds that will soon migrate to the Coast.

Trash and unconsumed food attract bird predators such as gulls and crows, which can then target nesting colonies and attack eggs and chicks, killing and eating them.

Melinda Averhart, the stewardship manager for the Audubon Delta in Mississippi, said they can’t control everything, but they can try to control the trash.

“Certain things we can’t control, like the weather,” Averhart said. “There are things we can control, so trash, any kind of marine debris falls under the category of us being able to help that. So we are hoping that these trash can lids will help reduce entanglements with monofilament and also just help to beautify the beaches.”

This project was made possible by a Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act grant through the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources.

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