Pillars in Biloxi residents enjoy a ‘wave parade’

While quarantine ended for many back in May, residents of the Pillars in Biloxi have been in quarantine for nearly five months.

This afternoon, residents and their friends and families reconnected during a ‘wave parade.’

Residents gathered in the parking lot as a line of decorated vehicles, escorted by the Biloxi Police Department, cruised in front of the Pillars.

Community Relations Director Courtney Williams stressed the importance of giving residents a chance to see loved ones while also keeping residents safe. “In admissions, you can see the family’s worried and concerned about bringing their loved ones in, not being able to visit, truly trusting us in our words that their loved ones are okay. So, I think once they can place eyes on them and see okay, Mom looks great. I think it gives a sense of security to the families and for the residents to just be able to see them and smile and I think it really makes our hearts happy.”

The Pillars is planning on doing more wave parades in the future until its safe for residents to reconnect with family and friends in-person again.

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