The Pillars of Biloxi preparing for COVID-19 vaccine

The Pillars of Biloxi Community Elder-Care Services is preparing for the delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine which could arrive at the facility any day now.

At the Pillars in Biloxi, the COVID-19 vaccine gives residents hope for change. The Pillars Administrator Sheila Bachtel said, “Our residents have been excited about the vaccine. We are hoping that our residents are able to spend more time with their loved ones.”

Due to CDC restrictions, there have been limits on visitations from family and friends. “The entire time we’ve allowed window visits. We’ve done virtual facetime. We are allowed to do some in person visits and we have to follow the state guidelines on that.”

According to the CDC, eight out of 10 COVID-19 related deaths in the United States have been adults 65-years-old or older. For the Pillars, the vaccine could arrive at any time. “We’re hoping for any day, we’ve been in communication with them. We should have 24 to 48 hour notice of the receipt of the vaccine. Walgreens will be coming in to set up a clinic to administer the vaccine. Everyone will be monitored after receiving the vaccine for potential side effects.”

It is not required that residents at the Pillars of Biloxi have to get the COVID vaccine. However, there will be one available to every single resident who wants one. “Most of them do. We have a few that are hesitant which is expected with anything new. Their biggest concern is the possibility of side effects.”

This is only the first round of the COVID vaccine, so the Pillars will continue to take every precaution to keep residents and staff safe. “Continue to follow every necessary precaution to keep our residents and staff safe. We’ll continue to wear PPE and do routine testing after the vaccine.”

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