Pier 5 harbor expansion in Bay St. Louis

The bidding process is well under way for the harbor expansion of Pier 5 in Bay St. Louis. This project is a combined effort between the city and the Hancock County Board of Supervisors.

The harbor expansion will accommodate 65 additional boat slips and the project is estimated to cost $1.5 million.

The funding is a combination of the Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act and the Tideland Funds with one million dollars coming from Go Massa.

Hancock County Board of Supervisor President Blaine LaFontaine says this is going to be an exciting addition to the area. “We’re excited about that opportunity as Bay St. Louis has been a growing market a lot of demand for this area because of the downtown access, the walkability and again, it’s just a great place to be able to accommodate people who come enjoy what we have to offer in Hancock County.”

The construction timeline is set to begin in September or October with the project set to be complete by the first of the year.

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