Picayune running back Dante Dowdell third in the state in rushing

In 14 games this season, Picayune running back Dante Dowdell has racked up 2,406 yards rushing which equates to 1.37 miles.

Thankfully, the Maroon Tide bus will get the team the rest of the 60 miles up to Hattiesburg for Saturday’s 5A State championship game.

Picayune makes no secret about its game plan, which will once again rely heavily on number two.

Dowdell currently riding a streak of seven straight 100-yard games and has failed to reach the century mark only twice during his junior campaign.

With 207 yards against West Point, Dowdell would become the third player from Picayune to lead the state in rushing in the last four years, building on the legacy of Jortin Rayne in 2018 and Cameron Thomas in 2019.

The main objective is winning the program’s first gold ball since 2013, but in this case, Dowdell’s stats and Picayune’s success are one in the same. Picayune Head Coach Cody Stogner said, “I mean he’s a special person. The guy is a physical specimen. He’s a good student. He’s a great student – not just up at the school – but of the game as well. He’s gotten better since Week 1.”

Dowdell said, “Yeah, I like – I don’t shy away from contact. I like to hit people. Sometimes before the play, I can see how it’s going to develop. You see how people are lined up and how we’re going to block the play and just using your vision to let things develop. And then once you break off, then sometimes all you’ve got to do is stiff arm, put a move, run somebody over and you’re to the house.”

Picayune right tackle/ defensive tackle Isaiah Evans said, “Man, he’s a force of nature. Dante, you’re going to have to fly to the ball to tackle him. You’re going to have to fly to the ball. (And even if you do that, you might get a cold hard stiff arm?) stiff arm. Cold hard stiff arm.”

The Maroon Tide and Green Wave kick things off from USM’s M.M. Roberts Stadium at 7 p.m. tomorrow night in a rematch of the 2019 title game.

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