For Pet’s Sake Rescue looking for foster families

Although its hurricane season, it’s also a different kind of season: kitten season!

While cats are trying to mate, animal rescues like Long Beach’s For Pet’s Sake Rescue are trying to find homes for the animals they already have.

Vanessa Cruz, the president and founder of For Pet’s Sake Rescue, rescues anything from raccoons to miniature pigs.

Cruz says her rescue aims to help train rescue animals to be in-home pets. For Pet’s Sake Rescue is not a shelter, therefore there is a maximum number of animals Cruz can house.

While not everyone may be able to welcome a new pet into their homes permanently, Cruz says foster families can be just as helpful. “So, a foster family is someone who on the light side can raise an animal, but doesn’t want the full life commitment. You get all the joys of getting them through their biggest struggle which is initially when they come into the rescue that’s the hardest. They’re making a transition. Sometimes they are wounded or pregnant, so there’s a lot going on for them. And it’s just a safe haven for them, somewhere that they can heal and develop into the animal that’s going to be adopted someday.”

To apply to adopt or foster a pet, go to For Pet’s Sake Rescue’s Facebook page or go to

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