Pets on Patrol

A group of students at Three Rivers Elementary School have spent the last three weeks collecting hundreds of stuffed animals.
Today, they donated the furry friends to the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department. While Pets on Patrol is a simple idea, it is one that the department says will make a huge impact.
Once in the hands of the sheriff’s department, the stuffed animals will be passed out to children involved in scary situations when they’re on a call. Three Rivers Elementary Sixth Grader Candace Gross said, “Mrs. Marr, my gifted teacher, said if we bring in stuffed animals we will give them to the sheriff’s department and they will give them to kids like when they are in trouble or they have to be pulled from their parents a stuffed animal makes their day. I hope it makes them feel like it is okay. It’s okay, they don’t have to cry.”
The students collected over three hundred stuffed animals to donate.

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