Petition started to suspend school at OSHS until investigation is complete

An online petition was created yesterday, asking the district to suspend classes at Ocean Springs High School until an investigation is completed regarding unused bullets and note being found on campus.

Officials enacted a shelter in place for three hours while campus police investigated the incident.

The note and bullets, found in the sink of a restroom, said, “You may not get caught for everything you do to me, but y’all will pay at …” with a scribbled signature. School officials confirmed the photo was of the items found at the school.

Sean Buster is listed as the person who started the petition on As of 4 p.m., there were more than 900 signatures on the petition. A Facebook profile with Buster’s name indicates he went to Ocean Springs High, but it is not clear whether he is a current or former student. A student also called WXXV and said students did not feel safe but were afraid to speak out.

School district spokesman Trey Brennan said extra measures have been put into place and security has been increased at the school. A letter from the school to parents said the school will remain on a modified movement plan for the remainder of the term, which ends Wednesday.

Interviews are being conducted, he said, and the investigation is ongoing.

However, the petition will have no bearing on how the district conducts its business, Brennan indicated.

Asked whether there was increased absenteeism or excused absences today, Brennan said he is sure there were some parents who kept their children home.

“And that’s fine,” he said. “But we have taken measures to ensure everyone at Ocean Springs High School is safe.”

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