Peter Anderson Festival this Weekend

It almost feels like the calm before the storm. The streets of downtown Ocean Springs were quiet today but not for long.
In under 24 hours, art lovers from the Coast and beyond will flood downtown Ocean Springs for the 37th annual Peter Anderson Arts Festival. The festival is expected to draw in over 150,000 visitors to the city this weekend. The Peter Anderson Arts Festival attracts vendors from California, Arizona, Ohio and Montana.
While visitors are gearing up to hit the streets, local businesses are putting all hands on deck. Co-owner of Tatonut Theresa Mohler said, “It means the world to us. This is the weekend we live for because we can showcase what we have to offer and it brings people back all year long. You can’t service everyone that comes because we’re expecting over 100,000 people to be in town. We overstaff. We bring in employees that used to work for us. We’re like every year you have to come and work the Peter Anderson Festival. So, we have extra employees, extra supplies, just everything on hand.”
Businesses are extending their hours during the festival. Tatonut will be opening their doors on Sunday to festival goers.
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