Peter Anderson Fest ’16

Tens of thousands of people made their way up and down the streets of Ocean Springs this weekend, browsing hundreds of collections of art, enjoying the sounds of the local music scene, and trying out the delicious foods of South Mississippi. News 25’s Hank Davis takes us to this year’s Peter Anderson Festival.
For one weekend every year, downtown Ocean Springs transforms into one gigantic outdoor art show, sprawling from street to street as tens of thousands come together to experience the Peter Anderson Art Festival. Artists from across the United States put their crafts on display in the heart of Ocean Springs, a city known as an artistic mecca of sorts, nestled right on our Mississippi Gulf Coast. Artist Juli Junea said, “You know I love this festival, I was told before I came here that the people that attended it are very nice and very interested in art and very, I guess, they love to be out here, and that’s who I’ve met. I’ve met some great people out here.”
Artist Robin Renee Hix said, “The art is everywhere from fine art to funky crafts. It’s a whole mixed bag, something for everybody.”
Artist Chris Kirsch said, “Oh I’d absolutely come back, I love this city and I love this festival, I’ll come back no doubt.”
Local native and world renowned tattoo artist Matt Stebly operates out of downtown Ocean Springs, where it’s easy to see what this festival is doing for the city. “I mean, it’s always a great event for Ocean Springs, you know it gets the most people, more people than any event on the coast, I think, into downtown Ocean Springs and just gets people seeing what we have to offer here.”
It’s not just art that Ocean Springs has to offer, the combination of live music and good food also helps to draw in huge crowds, boosting business for the entire city. Brittany Villers with Martha’s Tea Room said, “Business has really been great, we’ve had a lot of business at the restaurant as well as here. It’s definitely far exceeded anything as far as I thought, and this is our first time here so we didn’t know what to expect but it’s been wonderful.”
Jeff Machielson with the Old Biloxi Beard Company said, “The support has been tremendous, I mean, we’ve had more people coming up to us than we ever thought would be possible, we’re actually selling out of product so we’re doing really well and we’re really happy for the support.”
With well over 100,000 people checking out the Peter Anderson Festival every year, it’s sure to get bigger and better in years to come.

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