Pet safety during hurricane season

The Humane Society of South Mississippi is reminding you not to forget your pets this hurricane season.

You can remember the essentials in three easy steps. Make sure your pet has a micro-chip and a tag that are both up to date. Have a pet evacuation plan, just like you would have for yourself. Have a disaster plan equipped with a go-bag that has your pet’s essentials in it such as food, water, and a few toys.

If you do not know if your pet will be safe at home your best bet is to take them with you. Valerie Kattz with the Humane Society of South Mississippi said, “Well, our pets are our family and if you were told to evacuate, if it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for your pets there. So, you do not want to leave them there in harm’s way. Make sure you have all your pet’s vaccination records so that way if you do go to a shelter, a lot of times they will want to make sure that your pets are up to date on their shots. It is a good idea to have that with you.”

In case you have to evacuate also make sure your pet has a crate that they will be comfortable traveling in.

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