Perk Players visit North Woolmarket Elementary

Learning about science can be hard at times and some students might even think it’s boring, but the principal at North Elementary School wanted to give the students a different lesson today.
This morning, the Perk Players from the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Perkinston Campus made learning a bit easier and a whole lot more fun. Six theater students joined forces to create a fun and entertaining lesson for the second graders at North Woolmarket Elementary.
The 30 minute skit involved things like a slow moving turtle and a selfie-taking bunny rabbit. Principal Christy Buchanan said, “The students are able to experience a quality theatrical production and it is interactive. They are having a blast. It is also based on our local ecosystem because it involves animals from the Pascagoula River and they have been here for the past several years and every year it is a different production.”
A group of fifth graders also got a chance to join in on the learning fun.

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