Pepper the Robot teaches local students

Siri’s cousin Pepper made a stop on the Coast today to teach young kids about technology.

C Spire’s Pepper the Robot was at St. Martin Middle School. This high-tech robot teaches students about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics from an early age.

Officials at C Spire hope Pepper can inspire students to pursue a career in tech and help make Mississippi more competitive in technological fields.

The students had the chance to interact with Pepper by playing games and giving voice commands. C Spire Regional Manager Steve Rodgers said, “It is important because a lot of times they don’t know what all of the possibilities are or what all is out there or what all the future is going to hold. As far as what we have right now, Pepper, ten or 15 years from now it is going to be even greater. So, this gives them a peek into the future a little bit, just to see what can happen.”

Pepper has been with C Spire for the last two years and they plan to take the robot to even more schools.

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