Pep Rally Inspires Moss Point School District

Moss Point School District received a D rating for the 2015 year. With four new principals plus teacher pep rallies featuring award winning motivational speakers, administration hopes to spark a major change.
The energy was through the roof at Moss Point School District’s pep rally. Teachers were dancing and welcoming award winning teacher Ron Clark with open arms. Superintendent Dr. Shannon Vincent said, “Ron Clark is a prolific educator who has his own school in Atlanta. He started in North Carolina. He’s been Disney Teacher of the Year. He’s been on Oprah. He’s a book writer and he’s a nationally known speaker.”
Moss Point School District received a D rating for the 2015 school year. Dr. Vincent delivered an emotional speech on the subject. She believes with hard work the school can improve. Four new principals were hired within the district, hoping to spark a positive change. “My job is to inspire them to do the work. I can’t make them do the work, but I can inspire them to do the work. Today is an example of how we’re inspiring our teachers to do the work for our children,” said Dr. Vincent.
Parent Cathrinna Walley said, “As a parent, that’s what you want. You want your teacher to be motivated because it motivates your child, it motivates you. I want to be more involved and I hope other parents become involved because it’s a community.”
Teachers received autographed copies of “The Essential 55”, Ron Clark’s New York Times best seller which offers hundreds of ideas to activate creativity and determination within students. Teacher Jessica Hayes said, “It’s just amazing to see him. He’s an inspiration anytime you see him, if you look up his videos or anything, it always gets you going again.”
School doors open Thursday, August 4th. Many educators are eager to start the new year on the right foot. Teacher Derrick Caples said, “Just watching them grow, just watching them want to learn. Watch them want to get better, feeling the joy, you know seeing them happy about what they’re doing makes me come to school every day.”

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