People purchasing Powerball tickets as jackpot continues to grow

The Powerball jackpot has grown to an estimated $1.5 billion after no one won Wednesday.

Retail outlets are seeing an increase in foot traffic as wanna-be jackpot winners buy tickets in hopes of hitting it big on Saturday.

As more and more people buy into Powerball fever, the jackpot will continue to grow and that means the cash registers at these stores will continue to ring up sales.

WXXV went to Fayard’s in Gulfport to see if there has been an increase of people purchasing Powerball tickets at their location.  Co-Owner Keith Fayard said, “Oh yeah. Yesterday we sold a record amount yesterday. Saturday will be even more than that. So, they’ll be out the door Saturday buying Powerball tickets like last time it was like this…they were already out the front door. So many, many people have been in here since it all happened, so we’re all trying to buy the dream and that’s what it’s all about.”

Fayard went on to say that if the store sold a winning ticket, they would make sure their employees were taken care of from the bonus they get for selling the winning ticket.

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