Penny the horse returns home

A rare disease that survives in birds and mosquitoes has affected a rare horse in Ocean Springs.
Penny the horse returned today after a nine day recovery at the George County Animal Hospital. The chocolate palomino was diagnosed with eastern equine encephalitis after her owner noticed major weight loss and fatigue in the horse. This rare disease kills more than 90 percent of the horses that are diagnosed.
Owner Rocky Meadows tells News 25 it was a blessing to receive the news that his horse was coming home. “When we found out from the lab that it was eastern equine encephalitis, it was like oh it’s over, ya know. She actually just slowly got better for about nine days and as you can see she is doing very well. Unfortunately she’s been terribly sick we are just glad to have her home, glad to see her alive.”
Meadows also trains his horses for therapy and says his granddaughter plans to barrel race with Penny one day.

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