Pennies for Petal

Tonight in Harrison County, the Harrison Central Red Rebels hosted the Petal Panthers on the basketball court. Tonight was about much more than a game for the two schools.
The Petal Panthers are back on the basketball court at Harrison Central High School taking on the Red Rebels in their first sporting event since a tornado did heavy damage to the Petal community.
In the wake of the tornado, the Harrison County School District has started the Pennies for Petal campaign, collecting donations that will go towards helping Petal’s school district on the road to recovery. Harrison County School District Superintendent Roy Gill said, “We decided ok hey look you know it’s time for us to give back and do something for our neighboring district. We decided we’d come up with something and that’s how it evolved. You know we’ve decided to make it district wide to collect money and send to Petal so they can help out their staff and their teachers to do what they need.”
Harrison Central High School Principal Averie Bush said, “When they see a neighbor in need they’re willing to roll up their sleeves and do their part to help out. We appreciate things that people have done for us and when it’s our time to pay it forward, it’s just an awesome opportunity and not having to push that on the kids, but having the kids want to do it themselves is what makes this a special place.”
Despite the fierce competition on the court, these schools understand that being a good neighbor is what’s most important. Petal High School senior Tirus Smith said, “There’s a whole other world out there off the court that you gotta live though. People go home. Well people ain’t got homes to go to now in Petal. The tornado took homes away and it means a lot that people are coming together in other communities and helping out.”
Harrison Central High School sophomore Marcquz Clay said, “If it was us in the other situation we would love somebody to help us out. It’s kind of local. It’s not local, but they’re not too far away so why not help keep the foundation in the community together.”

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