Pecan Park Elementary Participates in Walk to School Day

Schools around the world celebrated International Walk to School Day Wednesday. Pecan Park Elementary in Ocean Springs participated for the second year in a row. The event helps promote pedestrian safety and exercise, while bringing the community together.

A mob of school children accompanied by blue lights could be seen strolling down Hanley Street in Ocean Springs as students from Pecan Park Elementary celebrated Walk to School Day. Eva green, a 3rd grader, was just one of the students excited to get moving. Green says, "Maybe just to get us healthy, and maybe for a good cause."

The students walked to school from Greyhound Stadium and were guided by Ocean Springs Police and Fire, who were promoting pedestrian safety. Charlie Smith, a 2nd grader at Pecan Park Elementary, says, "We’re walking to school, just having some fun, getting some exercise.”

In 2012, more than one third of children were overweight or obese. School officials say International Walk to School Day is one way to fight childhood obesity and encourage kids to live a healthy lifestyle. Chris Lebatard, the Principal of Pecan Park Elementary, says, "I hope they take away a love for a healthier lifestyle and you know, just exercise to get you started in the morning, it makes for a great day."

Working dad, Trevor Smith, took the morning off to walk to school with his children. Smith says, "I’m with my two children. They’re in second grade and kindergarten."

Parents like Smith believe these kinds of activities are good for students and they encourage the youngsters to play outside. Smith closes, "Well, it teaches them they can always go outside, they can always exercise, goodness knows we need more of that these days, so I think it’s a terrific activity."

Teachers and faculty greeted the students as they made their way into the school. They handed out water and healthy snacks to continue the students’ productive start to the school day. Arlington Heights Elementary School in Pascagoula also celebrated Walk to School Day Wednesday morning.

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