Gulf Coast Monarchy holding tryouts Saturday at the Kroc Center

Ladies, have you ever wanted a chance at catching a game winning touchdown or making that game-saving tackle? The Gulf Coast Monarchy is giving you that chance this weekend.

After their inaugural season was canceled due to COVID-19, the Gulf Coast Monarchy is gearing up to get back on the gridiron. Saturday the sole women’s professional tackle team on the Gulf Coast is holding open tryouts for its 2021 squad.  Quarterback and Receivers Coach Mike Monaghan said, “We’re not expecting people to know how to play certain positions. We’re looking for somebody that’s athletic. And then we can place you where we need you to be or where we think you will function well. “

Women of all ages and professions make up this all-women’s squad. Nineteen-year-old receiver Corinna Burney was drawn to the Monarchy because of her love for sports. “Like I said, I love to play sports. I played sports my whole life. Basketball, cross country, powerlifting, soccer. All of that. So, I used to play football with the boys when I was younger and so it’s kind of funny how I’m playing now, you know?”

For the women who may be hesitant about getting out here on the field and trying out for a sport that they’ve probably never had the chance to play before, Burney, who tried out for the team last year, says don’t be afraid and give it your all. “Just put in what you can. Put in what you can put in. Don’t go soft, but always push yourself though. That’s what I would tell them, to always push themselves.”

As for the time commitment, Monaghan says last year in preparation for the season, the team practiced Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons. “We know people have lives. They may be working. They may have children at home doing school through Zoom, or things like that, and have commitments during the week.”

The tryouts will be held at the Kroc Center from 2 to 4 Saturday afternoon. Attendees must pay a $25 tryout fee and are asked to wear a t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes.

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