PCA Rodeo finals

Ropers, riders, and spectators will be piling into the Coast Coliseum this weekend for the Professional Cowboy Association Finals Rodeo.

One hundred and 40 cowboys and cowgirls kicked off the competition tonight for the 25th year. Not only is this rodeo complete with riding, bucking, and roping, but even has rodeo clowns for added entertainment.

These finals wrap up the PCA season and the overall winner gets to take home a grand prize of $150,000.

Before making it to the finals, the riders must place in at least 15 other rodeos to qualify, but most compete in more. PCA Rodeo Finals Executive Director Bo Campbell said, “You can’t go to just 15 rodeos and qualify to come here, you have to go to a bunch of them because the competition is so steep. Now, ours is a working man’s association, we got doctors, lawyers. We’ve got a judge. We got barrel racers that are school teachers and we’re a southeastern based organization.”

After this weekend, PCA will be kicking off their 2019 season next weekend in Tampa, Florida. They’ll eventually make their way back to the Coast for next year’s finals.

If you’d like to attend this year’s finals, entry is $15 and up and lasts until Sunday.

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