Pay Attention or Pay a Fine Program

Highway Patrol and the Office of Highway Safety are launching the “Pay Attention or Pay a Fine” program. News 25’s Katarina Luketich tells us more about it.
Every time there’s a fatality officers mark tires with orange spray paint. Last year Highway Patrol went through 144 cans. This is why they’re launching the “Pay Attention or Pay a Fine” program, putting more officers on the road to curb any kind of careless driving. Corporal Benjamin Seibert said, “This program is not to see how many tickets we can write or to increase the number of citations. We’re out here to decrease the number of knocks we’re doing on doors to notify people about fatalities.”
Highway Patrol officials want you to know if you’re not wearing your seat belt or if you are looking down at your phone, you may look up to see lights in your rearview mirror.
Of the 607 auto deaths in 2014, about one-sixth of those were teenagers. Biloxi High Security Officer Daisy McCarroll tells News 25 everyday she sees teens behind the wheel on their cell phones. “They’re on it as soon as they leave school. They’re on it, they’re texting. They’re checking what’s going on, what’s on Facebook, I’m assuming. What’s on Instagram.”
While Highway Patrol officers have been visiting high schools across the state to preach safety and consequences, the “Pay Attention or Pay a Fine” program applies to everyone. “We’re trying to encompass everything, anything that’s unsafe that’s going to get somebody out here hurt,” said Seibert.
The message in short is buckle up, slow down and keep your eyes on the road.

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