Paving Underway in East Biloxi

Infrastructure remains a constant concern for Biloxi residents, but a current project aims to bring a little bit of relief.
City workers plan to apply 6,000 tons of paving to streets throughout east Biloxi. Asphalt is being placed in areas where crews have worked to replace underground water, sewer, and storm drains. City workers are also in the process of installing new curbs and gutters.
The project is expected to take two weeks. City of Biloxi Public Affairs Manager Vincent Creel said, “We know we still have a long way to go, but right now what we’re doing is we’re able to pave entire neighborhoods at a time. Over the next two weeks, we’re putting a half million dollars of paving on Keller, on Bowen, on Roy, all the streets that are adjoining right here in this area.”
The work represents the largest round of paving to date for the massive $123 million infrastructure process.

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