Paul Tisdale Announces Candidacy for Biloxi Mayor

Thursday, Paul Tisdale made his official announcement of his campaign for Biloxi mayor.

Tisdale joins Windy Swetman, Fofo Gilich, Felix Gines, and Dixie Newman, who have all registered to run for mayor. After his speech, Tisdale filled out the paperwork necessary to qualify for the election, but while the list of candidates is growing long, Tisdale believes he still is the best man for the job.

He says, “The thing that sets me most apart is the fact that I’ve served as a Chief Executive Officer. I’ve run an organization with more than 600 employees, with a budget greater than 50 million dollars. I’m proven in that arena.”

Biloxi residents have until Saturday to register to vote. On April 23rd, all candidates will gather for a debate forum hosted by the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce.

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