Patients Utilizing Pet Services Program at Keesler Medical Center

Two years in the making and Keesler Medical Center has finally approved a new program that will connect patients with some furry friends.
The local group Visiting Pet Teams of South Mississippi will now be making regular visits at the Keesler Medical Center as part of their ‘Patients Utilizing Pet Services’ or P.U.P.S program. The new program is intended to help distract patients from their illness, help with coping abilities and more. Studies show that human and animal interaction can lower blood pressure and decrease anxiety.
Lieutenant Jessica Bertke, clinical nurse at Keesler Medical Center, said, “We’re really excited to bring in the program. It’s had a lot of positive impact, not only for our patients, but also for our staff. Our staff gets overwhelmed sometimes and having the animals come in is just a positive highlight for their day.”
The very first pet therapy team will be visiting the hospital on Thursday at 10 a.m.

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